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Our goal is to make this the most comprehensive list of indie and art house theaters on the web. Please forward theater URL's to:
Metro Cinema - Edmonton
British Columbia
Paramount Theatre - Kelowna
Fifth Avenue Cinema - Vancouver
Pacific Cinematheque - Vancouver
Park Theatre - Vancouver
Ridge Theatre - Vancouver
Van East Cinema - Vancouver
Cinecenta - Victoria
Alliance Atlantis University Mall 4 Cinemas - Victoria
Movie Monday - Victoria
Vic Theatre - Victoria
The Cinematheque - Winnipeg
The Globe Cinemas - Winnipeg
Westdale Theatre - Hamilton
Bloor Cinema - Toronto
Canada Square - Toronto
Cinematheque Ontario - Toronto
Cumberland 4 Cinemas - Toronto
Regent Theatre - Toronto
Revue Cinema - Toronto
Royal Cinema - Toronto
Cinema Du Parc- Montreal
Ex-Centris - Montreal
Cinematheque Quebecoise- Montreal
Broadway Theatre -Saskatoon

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