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All-Movie Guide
Similar to The Internet Movie Database but more detailed descriptons and reviews.

Artisan Entertainment
Official Site.

A cheesy 70's style film series from a bunch of guys in Hull, Yorkshire. Crammed full of the right cliches and heavy on the 007, Star Wars, Lethal Weapon and Dirty Harry.

Cable View Online
Find out what's on Television. Customized by zip code.

Chlotrudis Awards
Non-profit organization that honors, supports and educates about independent and non-mainstream film.

News, features, trailers, galleries, interviews, festivals, film schools & more!

A resource for student and new filmmakers. It features links to film schools, festivals, production companies, investors, other community members and much more.

John Crowther's Fusion Technique homepage
Acting, Training, Film Reviews, Multi-Media Production.

Coming to Home Video. The Peter Hall Thriller about patricide, suicide, cross-dressing, defective parenting, Virginia Woolf and the need for gun control. Oh yeah-and survival.

DV Cafe
Resource centre for digital video filmmaking including useful tips and tricks, users groups and informative articles.

Film Comment Magazine
The magazine's website

Film Festival Today

Your one complete online source for

film festival information.

Comprehesive listings of Film Festivals.

Film- 411
The definitive guide to all things film on the web.

Films in Review
Reviews, news, interviews etc.

Film Threat
Truth in Entertainment

Welcome to Flicker, home page for the alternative cinematic experience.

Annual International Comedy Short Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Grainy Pictures, Inc
John and Janet Pierson's Site.

Hal Hartley / Trouble and Desire
Ethan Straffin's top notch Hartley site, A must for all Hal fans!

Independent Feature Project
Connecting Independent Filmmakers Across The Web.

Independent Film Channel
Official Site.

Independent Television Service (ITVS)
ITVS has funded for public television almost 350 single programs and limited series since its inception in 1991.

IndieClub, #1 Filmmaker and Videomaker Networking Site!
This is the premier site for networking with other filmmakers and videomakers all over the world.

One of the best sites on the net, dedicated to Indie films.

Industrial Television
"An assemblage of the most disturbing violence imaginable." - New York Daily News

Internet Movie Database
Almost every film ever made is on this site.

Inside Joke Productions
A New York City based production company that specializes in writing, directing, and producing independent comedic films.

JAM! Showbiz
Entertainment News from Canada.

Laughing Boy
This is Brazil J. Grisaffi's feature now playing at festivals.

Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page
Advocating that films be seen the way they were meant to be.

LI film
The NYC Film Community.

Lions Gate Films
Official Site.

Lot 47 Films
Official Site.

Magic Club Productions
Independent film production company based in Boston MA.

Official Site.

Showtimes & Tickets.

Moviemaker Magazine
The magazine's website.

Movie Review Query Engine
Find that movie review you've been looking for.

Petulla Pictures
They've sold more than 10,000
copies of the independent film "Reversal" without a distribution deal.

Planet Shark Productions

Shark's popular global showbiz website has 1000's of industry links and an Industry Insider Forum that's packed with jobs, A&R gigs, showbiz events, resumes, parties, casting calls & more.

The Reel Roundtable
Unifiying the diverse talents in the independent film community.

Jack Rooney
Star and Director of Deadly Discovery and Pushed Too Far. Jack has the lead role in the upcoming film, Our Burden is Light.

Short Film Insider
An online collective of short film producers, directors, actors, etc. The vision is to create a comprehensive guild of information available to everyone.

Short Films Wanted!

A comprehensive list of announcements
and calls from everyone who wants your short films.

Sundance Channel
Official Site.

The Trailer Park
Want to watch a Movie Trailer ? Check this site out.

Find out when your favorite Directors and Actors are on Television.

Urban Literary Film Festival
Dedicated to the promotion of urban-independent shorts, features and documentaries as a form of art, creative expression and livelihood!!!

Web Film Release Schedule (USA)
Includes release dates and links to official sites.

Withnail & I
Dedicated to the British cult classic.

Z Film Festival
The strange, the beautiful, the provocative, the hardcore, even the obscene. It's no wonder they're calling it the "festival with teeth." - Kristie Drew, Online Program Director

Visit our Filmmakers & Filmmaking page for production-related links.

Friends of indiefilmpage.com

Coney Island USA
Co-Presenters of The Coney Island Film Festival
and Saturday Night Film Series.

Fisherman's Famous Burlesque
The Story. The Shows. The Band. Special Guests. Get Some.

Grinder Girl
Known in the performance art world as, "Combustible Kiva," and, "Grindergirl," she is one of the most refined & revered Vaudeville style artists in the industry. As seen on The David Letterman Show!

Haxan Films
Creators of The Blair Witch Project.

in - nyc

What's in out on the edge.

James Taylor's Shocked and Amazed!

The authority on Sideshow history! Buy these books!

The latest edition is all about Coney Island!

Jeff Krulik

Traveling Sideshow: Shocked and Amazed, Heavy Metal Parking Lot! Need we say more? One of our favorite filmmakers. Watch Jeff's television show "Parking Lot" on Trio!

Little Brooklyn
Sweet as an egg cream, thrilling as the Cyclone.

Marie Roberts
Banner Painter Extraordinaire!


If you came to this years Coney Festival you saw their outstanding opening slates before each program.

Mommy And Daddy

Mommy and Daddy are the leading NY power couple, and make music that is hotter than a punk rock new wave aerobic workout in August.

New York Cool

all things 'tude

Peggy O'Neills
A fine Coney Island Sports and Entertainment Bar.

The Future of ART! Buy beautiful fine art prints from them. We highly recommend it!

Something Weird Video
America's favorite crackpot video company.
Sponsor of The Coney Island Saturday Night
Film Series.

This Or That!
Americas Favorite Burlesque Gameshow!

Todd Robbins

Todd Robbins is the preeminent sideshow entertainer on the scene today!

30 years of Reel Independence!
Sponsor of The Coney Island Saturday Night
Film Series.

Tyler Fyre
World's greatest Fire God!

Wise Elephant
You make your art. They help you promote it.

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