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Alternative Cinema On-line

Dedicated to the enjoyment of Independent and Underground Movies that range from the brilliant to the bizarre and everything in-between.

Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film & Video
The first festival in Canada dedicated entirely to short film and video as art vs. product.

"Todd Verow is New York 's underground cinema posterboy, and you'll either love his work or find it utterly repellent." -Time Out New York

The Beats In Film
A list of films with any sort of substantial connection to the Beat writers.

Cashiers du Cinemart Online
A zine dedicated to ushers, box office workers, concessionaires, and projectionists - have a good laugh at the expense of the Great Unwashed.

"No suffocating pretentious toffee-nosed artspeak, no thumbs up/thumbsdown Hollywood toadyism, just the good shit."--- Guy Picciotto, Fugaz
Chicago underground filmmaker & Z Film Festival program director Usama Alshaibi.

Dr. Squid's Smorgasbord of Terror
B-movie reviews, articles about low-budget and no-budget movies, obscurities, sci-fi, comic books and other weird stuff.

The Living Color Movie Magazine
Articles on cult, history, underground, kitsch and camp…

Nick Zedd
Cinema of Transgression superhero.

Rubbergash Productions
A leader in Hardcore, Independent, Underground Film and Video.

Severe Sinema
Drive-in dementia and grindhouse gore!

Shock Cinema
Essential guide for any fan of bizarre films and videos.

Over the counter counterculture.

The Unknown Movies Page
The Obsure Unknown & Little Shown

Wayney's Movie World
Surreal, Horror & Cult Films

William Girdler
Though largely ignored by mainstream film buffs, and sorely under-appreciated by trash genre devotees, William Girdler remains one of history's most prolific directors.