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Allen, Woody
Almodovar, Pedro

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Argento, Dario

Baumbach, Noah
Boyle, Danny

Burns, Ed

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Coen, Joel & Ethan

Coppola, Francis Ford

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Cronenberg, David

Dahl, John

Egoyan, Atom

Ferrera, Abel

Fessenden, Larry

Figgis, Mike

Favreau, Jon
Frears, Stephen

Gilliam, Terry

Godard, Jean-Luc

Greenaway, Peter

Hartley, Hal

Haynes, Todd

Jackson, Peter

Jaglom, Henry

Jarman, Derek

Jarmusch, Jim

Jodorowsky, Alejandro

Jordan, Neil

Kieslowski, Krzysztof

Korine , Harmony

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LaBute, Neil

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Leigh, Mike

Linklater, Richard

Loach, Ken

Lynch, David

Maddin, Guy

McDonald, Bruce

McKellar, Don

Moore, Michael

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Ozon, Francois

Pereira, Vincent

Podeswa, Jeremy

Raimi, Sam

Ramsay, Lynne

Rodriguez, Robert

Rohmer, Eric

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Rudolph, Alan

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Schnabel, Julian

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Spheeris, Penelope

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Wishman, Doris

Zedd, Nick

Zwigoff, Terry

AA Media Music
Quality music services for all types of media formats.

Association of Independent Feature Film Producers. Dedicated to the Business of Independent Filmmaking.

A Luna Blue - Stock Footage and Image Library

Provides highly creative royalty-free stock footage and photography. Digitally produced for broadcast, desktop video and all new media. Available on QuickTime CD, DVD and file download.

Asian Academy Of Film & Television

If you are looking for quality acting schools, want to join innovative filmmaking workshops or searching for school for media and arts, log on.

Tthe world's first site where filmmakers can sell via auction the rights to their independent films and was created by cofounder Rod Underhill."

Break Into Screenwriting
Interviews with film pros, market tips, articles and insider information from an experienced LA screenwriter.

BV Entertainment, Inc

An independent production company committed to being a viable source of quality entertainment projects for years to come.

CityBoys International Management Group
Independent, East Nashville artists provide distinctive music for your projects. Screenplay Services

Services provided, include: story analysis, treatment analysis, ghostwriting, rewriting and adaptation of novel to screenplay.

Crew Net
The Online Job Resource For Film and Television Professionals.

Cyber Film School
Through original material and offsite links CFS provides useful information on film and video production.

The internet resource for young filmmakers.

Current, accurate and complete online directory of Film Commissions and media support offices.
A resource for filmmakers.
Film & Television Production

Film Profit: Tools for Succesful Films
Crucial business planning services for the Independent Filmmaker.

Film School Confidential
The insider's guide to Film Schools.

Film Secrets
The goal of this page is to educate people. Especially those with little or no film training.

Film Underground
Filmmaking resource for professional independent filmmakers working with 16mm, 35mm film and digital video.

Foto Search Stock Footage

Stock Footage and Video Clips.

Future Movies

British movie review and filmmaking website.

Hollywood Film School Online
Resource center and Film Educational Facility.

Indie Backlot
The digital backlot for independents!

This is the premier site for networking with other filmmakers and videomakers all over the world.

Hollywood-based network that helps Independent Filmmakers find investors, grants, funds and distributors.

MauleMusic Productions
UK based Sound Design Company, specialising in high quality music for indie, low budget, and student film-makers.

Mike Brantley's Super-8 Filmmaking Site
An internet resource for Super 8 Filmmaking.

Music For Your
Music resource site for filmmakers featuring music licensing info and Job Finder service to locate composers, music supervisors and more.

New York Film Academy: Film & Acting School
4-week to One-Year hands-on programs in filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, 3-D animation in NYC, Universal Studios, Disney-MGM, Harvard, Princeton, London, Paris, Florence and Amsterdam.

NYPG On-Line Resource
New York Production Guide.

Onde-Spirale Film and TV Music

Onde-Spirale is a group of talented people that compose music for films and television. Many tracks to listen to in free streaming audio.

On Location
The ultimate online production guide.

Pac Lab, Inc.
Film Processing, Kodak film stock and mail order.

Primary Elements
Primary Elements is a new first-of-its-kind digital music licensing resource specializing in the worldwide licensing of music and musical ambiences to the interactive, corporate, film, advertising and video markets, among many others.

Production Weekly
Provides the entertainment industry with the most omprehensive breakdown of projects.
The premiere search engine and automated lead generation network for film, video and digital media production.

Productive Media
Boston corporate video production and post-production company assisting indie filmmakers since 1996.
Supplies royalty free music to film makers, TV producers etc.

The lowest-cost, highest-quality, alternative for orchestral music for film.

Film and video industry resource in New York offering production/ rental, sales and repair services.

UniqueTracks Royalty Free Music Library

Royalty Free Music for use in film, multimedia and video production. UniqueTracks provides background music CDs and MP3 downloads for use in Flash animation, multimedia and digital video editing.


These links are for information purposes. I have no affiliation with any of these services.